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Please read the job description below. If this sounds like you, we would love to talk!

Looking for bartending jobs in toronto? We are an event staffing agency that primarily serves private events, or “house parties.” for the most part, we provide bartenders and servers as well, and whenever possible, mixologists. We also offer a comprehensive mixology training course to help improve the skillsets of our staff.

Given the nature of our events, our staff are always at different locations, each weekend. The times and “details” will depend on the client, and are confirmed late in the week for that Saturday evening.

Event bartending is doing some basic “mixed drinks” (vodka-soda or Rum and Coke), wine and beer. Being in someone’s “backyard,” these are not high volume events, so things don’t get too hectic.

As a server, you will help with getting the food out, serving some drinks, and most importantly, keeping the place “sexy.” Essentially, a server is a set of “helping hands.” They’re comfortable, communicating with the host(s) to understand their needs, expectations, and “timings” (i.e. when appetizers should be served, when dinner should come out, etc.).

While we need servers, 90% of our gigs are small crowds that need a single bartender. Ideally, event staff will be comfortable switching back and forth between the two roles.

More importantly, we are always looking for trained staff, who are cocktail savvy. The majority of such staff are those who work in the ‘industry,’ and aren’t able to make a proper margarita (hence why we offer our mixology training course).

We Do Things Differently

Unlike large “corporate” functions, we focus on residential, where the ability to make drinks is the price of admission! We need people who are fun, entertaining and able to engage a crowd. We cater to a niche crowd, where we are dealing with the host’s friends and family, rather than large, crowded banquet halls. We can train on many aspects of the job, but we do have certain expectations of who we bring on board such as:



Looking for bartending jobs in Toronto? We are looking for talent and personality.

Enthusiasm can make things 900 times better. We can help fill in gaps of knowledge and skills, but one of the first things we are on the lookout for is a charisma that can’t be taught. Do you bring energy to the room? Are you able to keep a smile on your face when you’re “in the weeds?” If so, let’s work together!



If you're looking for bartending jobs in Toronto, you can succeed with us if you have integrity.

At rent a bartender, we believe that your word is your worth. You may be asked to handle cash transactions or other situations where trust is on the line. A lot of work goes into finding the events that we staff, and we need to make sure that the staff we send out is going to be a good reflection of our reputation. Are you good for  your word? Will you show up early to events to make sure things go smoothly? If so, let’s talk. If not, please walk!



Looking for bartending jobs in Toronto? Punctuality is one of our chief expectations.

You’ve heard the clichés: “prior preparation prevents poor performance,” “if you’re early, you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late, and being late is unacceptable.” These are clichés for a reason: they’re true! We work hard to get events, and we count on our event staff to make a good impression and hopefully get invited back. This starts with being on time: arriving early to understand the layout of the event, to prepare drinks, fruit and other components can make things run smooth. Are you the type that comes early and stays late? We’d love to have you on our team! 



If you're looking for bartending jobs in Toronto, you must have a teachable spirit to work with Rent a Bartender.

While a certain level of experience is expected, much of what you will learn about bartending will come from “live fire” drills: actually being on the job. That is one of the best benefits of working with us: you get to earn money while working real events and gaining real experience. That said, we don’t expect perfection, but you must have a teachable spirit. We have no interest in sending know it alls out into the field: these individuals are very difficult to work with and often cause more problems than they solve. Are you eager to learn? Let’s work together! You might also be interested in our comprehensive bartender training course.

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