garnish ghouls: creepy garnish ideas for your halloween cocktails

By Rent A Bartender | Oct 22, 2023

A hauntingly hypnotic Halloween cocktail is taken to the next level with the right garnish. It’s the piece de la resistance that gets everyone’s tongues wagging and their phones snapping.

When you hire Rent a Bartender for your Halloween party, you can ensure an above-average presentation for every drink served.

What can our mixologists add to your boozy brews to make them frightfully fun? 

Here are some creepy-cool cocktail garnishes for your Halloween bash:

  • Pumpkin ice buckets
  • Spider ice cubes
  • Flames
  • Monster eyes
  • Smoke
  • Fake blood
  • Colored sugar or sprinkles
  • Shaped serving glasses
  • Sugar glass
  • Gummy worms 
  • Lychee eyeballs
It only takes a dash of ingenuity to transform your Halloween party into a bewitching affair. Come see what Rent a Bartender’s professional mixology staff can do for your upcoming holiday celebration.

11 ghastly garnish ideas for your halloween cocktail menu

1. pumpkin ice buckets

Setting the mood begins by planning down to the finest details. That’s a specialty of ours at Rent a Bartender. We’ll work alongside you to craft the spookiest cocktail menu you’ve ever seen, perfect for heralding Halloween.

Our mixologists are backed by a $2 million liquor liability policy. We’re a step above ordinary contact us today for your next event.

Creating a pumpkin ice bucket is easy. Take a real squash, and, using a carving knife, cut a large hole around the stem. Feel free to go wider than you normally would when carving Jack-o-Lanterns, as you’re trying to create a bucket shape.

Cut around the width of the pumpkin, leaving a lip several inches high for storing ice and cold cans and bottles of booze.

Remove all the seeds from the pumpkin and scrape away the guts. Thin the walls so the pumpkin is easy to carry and repeat as needed for as many spooky coolers as your party requires.

2. spider ice cubes

Here is a simple but effective garnish for any Halloween cocktail on your menu that requires ice. Rather than use generic square-shaped cubes, jazz yours up a bit for the spooky festivities around the corner.

All you need to do is buy some plastic spider rings and cut the ring part off. You can do this using a standard pair of kitchen scissors. Next, nestle the plastic spider into the ice cube slot, pour water in, and freeze.

When you open the freezer door several hours later, a spookily sinister set of ice cubes will await.

You can switch out plastic spiders for any small plastic insects you wish.

3. flames

Let’s heat things up a bit! No, literally.

The flaming cocktail is a head-turner and party-starter if there ever was one, but be cautioned: you should not try this at home. Instead, you need expert bartenders and mixologists to take care of it.

Where better than Rent a Bartender? We’re a premier event-staffing service in the Greater Toronto Area. We can provide mixologists, servers, and bartenders for your Halloween party, and we also specialize in weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and corporate events.

You provide the booze, and we’ll take care of making something spectacular. Our bartenders know spirits like kahlua, Grand Marnier, gin, Everclear, cognac, and amaretto burn best. We can discuss with you what kind of flaming effect you want and then create a cocktail from there.

For instance, gin doesn’t create a large flame, so if you want something smaller and more manageable, that’s what we’d recommend. If you’re concerned about a lingering burning stench, we’d suggest Grand Marnier, which generally smells quite nice when it burns.

With the expertise of Rent a Bartender, you’ll throw a Halloween party for the ages.

4. monster eyes

One of the simplest additions you can make to a cocktail is the inclusion of candy monster eyes. You know the kind; you can find them in any baking supply aisle at the grocery store around Halloween time.

They’re made of hard candy and have black pupils, creating a scary effect. They come in handy as much for baked goods as they do libations.

However, I must caution you this: if you buy the candy version of these monster eyes, they will dissolve into most cocktails, leaving a chalky residue behind if you add enough.

The gummy version is better, as those look bloodshot and spooky. It will also take a lot longer for them to dissolve in the drink.

5. smoke

Is it a foggy, spooky night out there? Create the same atmosphere inside with smoke at the cocktail table. This will instantly elevate the party’s mood and make your cocktails look effortlessly blood-curdling.

Rent a Bartender’s mixologist are ready to build a custom Halloween cocktail menu that reflects your personal tastes, ideas, and personality.

When you contact us, we’ll begin producing drink lists and menus based on your party ideas. After you confirm your details, we’ll be there to make yours the party of the year. We bring the bar equipment!

Get an instant quote from Rent a Bartender in time for your Halloween party.

6. fake blood

A squirt or two here and there of fake blood lends any cocktail a more macabre mood. This especially looks great with contrasting colors such as bright green, blue, or purple. The faux blood can encircle the rim of a cocktail glass.

Here’s what you need to make it happen: 

  • Cornstarch
  • 1 part of blue food coloring
  • 4 parts of red food coloring
  • Corn syrup
Put corn syrup in a small bowl, then mix with the food coloring, adding enough color to get the desired bright, bloody red.
Stir in the cornstarch incrementally until the drizzle is thick and sticky like honey but not as slow-moving as molasses. 
Leave it for Rent a Bartender’s mixologists to work with, and we’ll make something special.

7. colored sugar or sprinkles

Another great suggestion for jazzing up any cocktail you wish to serve at your fete is to add color and texture via sanding sugar and/or sprinkles.

Our staff at Rent a Bartender is here to serve you with our custom cocktail concoctions, so ask us for anything you want.

We will make party planning less stressful so you can sit back and be a guest at your own Halloween bash!

So, what do we recommend? Black sprinkles around a red cocktail or vice-versa create a striking contrast. Orange and red or yellow sprinkles are very festive, as are white sprinkles or sugar around an orange cocktail.

Play around with colors, and let us know what you’re in the mood for. We’ll put it together and make it look effortless.

8. shaped serving glasses

You’re in charge of glassware when you hire Rent a Bartender, but we can make some suggestions for making this part of your party planning more special.

For example, why not try something ghoulish-shaped like a skull rather than rely on traditionally shaped glasses? Any cocktail would look awesome in glassware like this, and when combined with the amazing cocktails we can prepare at Rent a Bartender, you will impress every last guest.

Get an instant quote from Rent a Bartender today.

9. sugar glass

If you’re having a murder mystery-themed Halloween party, you need sugar glass!

This translucent candy looks like large, broken shards of glass. You can make it even scarier to look at by adding fake blood.

Sugar glass requires these ingredients:

Flavoring oil

2/3 cup of light corn syrup

3/4 cup of water

2 cups of granulated white sugar

The prep work is easy. Put the water, corn syrup, and sugar in a medium-sized saucepan, add a candy thermometer, and monitor the temperature until it’s boiling. Then, continuously stir, watching the thermometer. Stop when it’s 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take the saucepan off the heat and pour the content onto a lined baking sheet. use parchment paper.

Let the candy sit on the counter for two hours to harden. Need to expedite things? You can freeze the candy for 30 minutes.

When the candy has hardened, take the pan, lift it up over your head, and drop it on the counter. The candy will break apart. Repeat as needed to create glass shards.

10. gummy worms

Dirt cups may be kids’ food, but gummy worms are always synonymous with Halloween. They make a cute, cheap, appealing garnish in any cocktail.

Here’s my word to the wise: don’t use sour gummy worms. They might have those bright Day-Glo colors, but all the sour powder will come off in the cocktail and dissolve, affecting the nuanced flavor.

A plain gummy worm is best.

Now that your beverage selection is sorted, it’s time to think about snacks and appetizers. 

Even a small house party or a Super bowl gathering 

11. lychee eyeballs

How about a fresh take on horrifying eyeballs? Lychee, a type of fruit, is a great base for making fake eyes. Here is what you need to prep this garnish:

  • Red food coloring
  • 16 to 20 blueberries
  • 50 grams of seedless raspberry jam
  • 425 gram tin of syruped lychees
Drain the lychees in a sieve, then lay them on paper towels to absorb leftover juices. Gently pat the lychees with another paper towel.
Next, put the seedless raspberry jam in a piping bag, then squeeze some into the opening of each lychee.
Insert one blueberry, which should stick to the jam. Then, use the remaining raspberry jam to make a bloodshot effect.

spooky service for your halloween party from rent a bartender

Rent a Bartender’s your choice for premium Halloween entertainment this season. Our event staff-including servers, bartenders, and mixologists – will make your seasonal party a screaming good time.

You can also count on us for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and house parties.

Our customized cocktail menus don’t stop at garnishes. We’ll help you build a theme and express yourself through vivid colors and strong flavors. 

Get your quote from Rent a Bartender now.

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