halloween hangover cures: how to recover after a night of spooky sipping

By Rent A Bartender | Oct 21, 2023

The only thing scarier than running out of candy on Halloween is waking up the morning of November 1st with a wicked hangover. You can’t take down the orange and black décor or throw away the spent Jack-O-Lantern when you feel like this!

How do you mend yourself back to health? Here are some hangover cures to banish those Halloween headaches and sluggishness:

  • Sleep it off
  • Hair of the dog
  • Sweat it out
  • Get some glutathione
  • Rehydrate
  • Restore your electrolytes
  • Sip ginger
  • Swallow an NSAID
  • Ingest chamomile
  • Go to card city
You don’t have to feel like a monster after a night of partying for Halloween. Keep reading for great advice on managing a hangover!

No tricks: 10 halloween hangover cures to get you out of your haze

1. sleep it off

When someone tells you to sleep off a hangover, they’re not only being generous. This is arguably the best hangover cure because it provides what everyone needs to recover from a hangover time.

Yep, time truly is the best medicine in this case. It will take the body anywhere from eight to 24 hours to recover from a hangover, depending on how much you had to drink and how used your body is to alcohol.

If you can turn around and go back to bed for the day, that will kick start you on the road to feeling better. However, if your hangover lasts for upwards of 24 hours, there’s no way you can sleep the entire time.

That means you must deal with uncomfortable side effects, such as a fast heart rate, moodiness, the shakes, wooziness, sound and light sensitivity, stomach aches, nausea and vomiting, body aches, headaches, and dry mouth.

Or must you?

2. Hair the dog

Although sleep remains the best remedy for a hangover, other cure-alls exist that work if you can’t go back to bed, such as if you have work in the morning.

Hair of the dog that bit you, better known as hair of the dog for short, may seem like an unconventional treatment, but some swear by it.

As a name like the hair of the dog suggests, you drink more alcohol to cure your hangover symptoms.

The science behind this, if you will, is explained by what happens to your body during a hangover. The reason you experience the terrible onslaught of symptoms is that your body is busy breaking down the alcohol in your system. 

By drinking more, you stop the discomfort, or at least push it off until later. After all, with enough time, your body will begin to break down the alcohol again, leaving you in the exact same boat you begin in.

It’s just a matter of whether you want to deal with the hangover now or later.

3. sweat it out

The last thing you feel like doing when you’re hungover is hitting the gym, but this is another ultra-effective hangover cure, certainly more so than guzzling more booze.

You can help your body process the alcohol in your system by sweating, you will also clear other toxins. Not only that but exercising releases a flood of endorphins and increase oxygen to the brain.

You’ll certainly feel more clear-headed, even if your hangover isn’t entirely behind you.

So, what kind of exercise is appropriate for a hangover? Now is not the time to set new gym records.

Stick to low-intensity activities. You’re not at your best, and your balance and focus are a mess, which increases your risk of making a mistake or causing an injury.

If you can’t muster the motivation to exercise, but you still want the benefits, you can always soak in a sauna. You might not enjoy as many endorphins, but you will sweat.

This tip comes with one caveat. You’re already dehydrated enough when you drink. You must be extra diligent to restore your hydration and electrolytes when you’re done sweating. 

4. get some glutathione

Do you know what will really help with your hangover? Glutathione.

You might wonder what the word glutathione is and have too much of a pounding headace to look it up yourself, so let me explain.

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant in fungi, certain bacteria, animals, and plants. It can protect your cells from heavy metals and free radicals, but what’s that got to do with a hangover?

Well, glutathione can also detoxify the alcohol in your system.

Your body get glutathione from protein-containing foods. Scrambled eggs are a great meal when suffering from a hangover because they also contain vitamin C, which your body needs to keep your glutathione in check.

Besides eggs, you can also snack on oatmeal, lentils, yogurt, salmon, and chicken. Keep your meals plain and unseasoned to get them down when nauseous. That’s why eggs are so recommended, as they’re bland and easy to eat.

5. rehydrate

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to rehydrate after a long night of drinking.

Alcohol is a diuretic, just like coffee. In other words, when you drink it, and especially when you over consume it, you will end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom. You’re not only urinating because of the fluids in your system but because that’s what diuretics make you do: go.

It’s easy to dehydrate during your Halloween party if you don’t balance the alcohol you consume with water. Your bladder, ureters, and kidneys lose fluid, contributing to that dehydrated feeling.

Water will help flush the alcohol out of your system, putting you on the way to feeling better. It’s not the only fluid you can drink. For instance, I also recommend you…

6. RESTORE your electrolytes

Here’s the thing about water. It’s cold. It’s restorative. It’s what more than half our bodies are made of. And it has zero calories.

Do you know what water doesn’t have? Electrolytes.

Electrolytes are potassium, calcium, sodium, and other essential minerals that your body uses to regulate the amount of fluids in your system, contract your muscles, and maintain your hydration.

You must replenish lost electrolytes from all the drinking and urinating you’ve done. 

Since water doesn’t naturally contain electrolytes (although electrolytic water does), it will only take you so far. Sport drinks like Gatorade have electrolytes but choose the low-sugar version to control calories.

7. sip ginger

Do you feel nauseous? That comes as no surprise, considering nausea is one of the chief symptoms of a hangover. Ginger tea can alleviate your upset stomach due to the compounds in this root.

Drinking ginger tea might lessen exhaustion, improve digestion, and reduce pain. It will also hydrate you, and-even better-ginger contains magnesium and potassium, so you’re putting some electrolytes back into your system.

8. swallow an nsaid

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs-as we all call them – are something we reach for often when we have aches and pains. While it’s fine to take for a hangover, you must be choosy about which meds you select for your aching head.

Acetaminophen like Tylenol can potentially cause liver damage if your body hasn’t processed the alcohol enough. Ibuprofen and aspirin shouldn’t cause the same effects but could give you an upset stomach.

Drink the pills with lots of water.

9. ingest chamomile

Do you find that your anxiety levels rise when you’re hungover or have too much to drink? 

You’re far from the only one!

Hangover anxiety, which some refer to as hangxiety, can make your already arduous day that much more difficult.

Sipping chamomile tea might reduce the feelings of anxiety and other mental health hurdles you can face after partying too hard. This is another beverage besides sports drinks that contains electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.

10. go to carb city

We’ve all heard the advice to reach for a greasy cheeseburger after a long night of drinking, but that merely increases your gluttony past an acceptable degree.

You’re supposed to ingest carbs when hungover, but not greasy, fatty foods.

Many of us can’t stomach something so heavy after drinking, and even if we could, all those calories and grease will make us feel even worse.

Not all carbs are bad, which you’ll learn as you scratch and claw your way back to wellness after a hangover. A simple snack of toast and honey is light enough on your stomach not to make you puke yet contains the carbs you need.

So why carbs? Boozing it up can cause your blood sugar levels to get thrown out of whack and contribute to feelings of weakness, moodiness, and exhaustion. Carbs stabilize your blood sugar.

The sugars in the honey can also help by raising your blood sugar.


The staff you hire for your Halloween party can go a long way toward preventing hangovers. After all, if you manage your consumption, you never have to worry about waking up the next day feeling like someone hit you by a truck.

Rent a Bartender’s mixologists will monitor guests’ alcohol consumption and can put the kibosh on guests drinking too heavily. You’ll ensure you have enough booze to get you through the night and avoid a faux pas that will embarrass everyone.

Our staff can even remove unruly party guests, helping them make a swift exit before their outburst ends up all over social media.

We understand the difference between drinks and cocktails. You can count on our mixologists to recommend boozy ingredients less likely to cause hangovers, like gin or vodka versus tequila or whiskey, which can leave you with a terrible headache.

Of course, if you’d rather make it a non-alcoholic affair, we specialize in mocktails!

Rent a Bartender has the services you need for your next Halloween party, so request your quote today.

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