hiring for halloween! 6 reasons to pick up a bartending side hustle this halloween season

By Rent A Bartender | Oct 05, 2023

Can you believe the spooky season is already upon us? Unfortunately, your bank balance is scarier than any flick you’ve seen in the theatre lately.

It sounds like you need a side hustle! Here’s why bartending for Halloween is the perfect gig:

  • You can make a lot of cash quick
  • You’ll be ready for the holiday season
  • You can still wear a costume
  • You’ll be part of all the hottest parties
  • You can grow skills that could become a career
  • You can easily get started

RentaBartender can provide the training you need to realize your ambitions of becoming a bartender. We’re the best side hustle in the city that’s legal!

hustling for halloween: 6 reasons bartending around halloween is a dream big

Everyone has a side hustle these days, from selling goods on Etsy to delivering food for DoorDash or driving for Lyft. 

Sure, you could do the same thing everyone else has done or innovate and become a bartender.

Here’s why bartending is the best side hustle for Halloween. 

1. You can make a lot of cash quick

Who doesn’t want fast money, especially as inflation drives up the cost of everything?

The minimum wage just doesn’t cut it anymore, and even working full-time might not be enough to pay all your bills.

Enter bartending. It has its dry seasons like other gigs, but Halloween is certainly not one of them. This is one of the most popular times of the year for bartenders besides maybe wedding season, and certainly the most fun of many.

Who doesn’t love the fun-filled music, black and white horror flicks, orange and black décor, glimmering Jack-o-Lanterns, and the crispness of autumn? Who doesn’t live for the costumes and parties?

Bartending doesn’t only mean working at a bar when you train with Rent a Bartender. We’re looking for servers, bartenders, and mixologists, and we only want the best of the best.

You don’t have to be the best right out if the gate. If you have a hunger to learn or improve at your craft, we want to hear from you. After intensive  training, we’ll hire you to begin working parties and events around the Greater Toronto Area.

You’ll tend bar at event halls, homes, backyards, pubs, just about anywhere people gather. The tips are out of this world, especially when everyone feels convivial around Halloween.

My bartenders regularly pull $30 an our, twice the minimum wage. They make it look effortless.

Some of my staff make even more in tips.

How much cash do you earn from making earrings or delivering food? Bartending is far more fruitful. Learn more about Rent a Bartending’s course. 

2. You'll be ready for the holiday season

The months between September and January have many holidays, making them some of the most fun times of the year besides summer. However, all the festivities can also put a hurting on your wallet. 

Have you ever partied too hard around Halloween only to come up empty-handed when it’s time to begin holiday gift shopping? We’ve all been there, and it’s not a fun position. 

Braving the crowds on Black Friday to score low deals is sometimes taking your life into your own hands. It’s not worth it!

Make this the year you have the budget to get your favourite people something fabulous for the holidays. Bartending jobs in Toronto through Rent a Bartender will help you accumulate enough cash to do all your holiday shopping early.

We’re a premier event-staffing agency specialized in house parties and other private events. Our mixology training course will prepare you for the job so you understand the difference between a drink and a cocktail.

3. you can still wear a costume

Costumes aren’t just for kids! Adult costumes are a fun chance to express yourself, pretend to be your favourite character, and get into the Halloween spirit.

Not all jobs allow us to dress up for the holiday, which is a shame.

That’s not the case if you’re bartending! While it’s at the party host or event organizer’s discretion, what better way to get everybody into the mood for a Halloween party than by having all the staff (meaning you) dress up?

How many side hustles can you work and have fun simultaneously? Not enough, that’s for sure.

Look, work is supposed to be work, or it would be called something else. However, constantly pushing yourself leads to burnout, and you can’t earn any cash. 

Bartending is the perfect balance between work and play. 

Do you need to sharpen your bartending skills before getting this side hustle going? Enrol in Rent a Bartender’s training today.

4. You'll be part of all the hottest parties

Where’s the party at? You’ll know, as you’ll be working them all!

Event staffing services from Rent a Bartender grant you access to the hottest parties and most memorable private events. 

Of course, you’ll be working rather than attending as a guest, but as I said, bartending is the ideal mix between work and play.

Your job is about more than merely making drinks. Anyone could do that.

You’re creating an atmosphere through custom-made concoctions and libations prepared with love.

You’ll make a statement when you whip up something spookily delightful, perhaps in a dazzling purple hue and garnished with something fun and Halloween-y like dry ice or a dash of pumpkin pie spice.

You can mingle as you rub elbows during serving and enjoy open, varied conversation with the guests. You can also encourage interactions and engagement through icebreakers like drink stations.

In other words, you make the party. The host wouldn’t have nearly as good a time without your services.

You’ve allowed them to enjoy their Halloween fete as a guest, and what better feeling could there be?

And remember, you’re going to take home some great pay, which is like the icing on the Halloween cake.

Do you think you have what it takes? 

Contact Rent a Bartender today to learn more.

5. you can grow skills that couuld become a career

A good side hustle is about pushing yourself to the next level, expanding your skills, and growing.

Before you know it, you could work your side hustle as your main hustle, finding some supplementary gigs to pay your bills and have some extra spending money. 

Working as a mixologist is a great skill to have. You’ll be a hit at parties whether you’re working or not, although, with skills like yours, you’ll be eager to work as often as you can to bring in that sweet cash.

People will come to you all the time asking if you can work a friend of a friend’s wedding or a neighbour’s party.

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, custom-made drink that wows the crowd and turns heads?

Your drinks look great, but they taste as good as they look, if not better. They’re a delectable mix of flavors with great garnishes that make them ready to post on social media. They’re temptingly tasty!

Starting as staff at Rent a Bartender can easily propel your mixology career to new heights. You’ll work with many types of clients and learn to make all sorts of custom drinks, and those return invites and clients of clients will keep you busy.

It will start with a Halloween side hustle and become something you love doing because you’re great at it!

6. you can easily get started

Training with Rent a Bartender couldn’t be any easier.

Our one-on-one courses are designed for bartenders and mixologists of any skill level, including beginners. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Working as a bartender or mixologist is flexible. You’ll be busy on nights and weekends, but have your days free so you can work full-time or commit to another side hustle.

You won’t have to scour the internet for gigs, as we’ll hire you when you graduate. That’s right. We made you a great bartender, so why wouldn’t we want to retain you?

We’ll hook you up with the hottest Halloween gigs in the area and keep your schedule busy into the rest of the year if you’re interested!

scary good training from rent a bartender

The world doesn’t need more cookie-cutter bartenders. It needs mixologists passionate about their craft with talent and skills to pay the bills.

That may not be you right now, and that’s okay! We want you, whether you have some bartending experience or none at all. At Rent a Bartender, our training will make you masterful behind the bar.

We don’t base our entire course on book learning. Book smarts are fine but won’t get you far enough to excel. Our bartenders learn by doing.

That’s what being a great mixologist is all about. It’s more than rote memorization of ingredients and recipe quantities.

It’s about having the personality, the interest, the punctuality, the integrity, and the willingness to learn, we want to hear from you.

Contact Rent a Bartender today!

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