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Comprehensive training

The key to better cocktails, is better ingredients. The key to better staff, is better training. Whether you are a novice or veteran, we offer an intensive self-study program, with a hands on component and an opportunity to get much needed experience behind the bar or to improve your knowledge of craft cocktails. We are committed to providing expert, one-on-one bartender training to those who are looking to join our team.

Training Courses

for just $497 is NOT a bar school, as much as it is a hands-on training program. We train staff, to get them working on the job, for us as quickly as possible.

Hiring managers value experience, NOT bar school certificates. They want to know that you can hold it down while the bar is “in the weeds”. The classroom is great for teaching “theory”, but the best way to learn how to bartend, is to bartend. Parties don’t happen in a classroom.

With us, you will learn by doing, and can understand the difference between certain techniques, and methods. We will help you to understand the classic cocktails, and not just ‘drinks’. You will learn about flavour profiles, glassware choices, and ALL of the products that are behind the bar, by actually making them. That’s the best way to memorize them.

We will get you ready, to start working with us, right away. And we’re not the typical event staffing company who is offering wine, beer and mixed drinks. Large, “corporate” events, that are high volume, (and low tips) are great way to learn the basic mechanics. Most of our gigs are small, private, home gatherings. This allows you to connect with your patrons, and bring to the table what really matters, yourself 😉

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