Cooperate mixers made memorable: Matters for business events

By Rent A Bartender | Aug 21, 2022

Cooperate events like mixers, and team building exercises can increase employee morale, reduce turnover, and unify your team. However, these events can sometime carry with them an air of  awkwardness that make it hard to derive their full value.

Not anymore! With the event staffing services of Rent a Bartender, your next  cooperate mixer will be a professional yet a social affair that your employees will talk about for a long time to come. 

crafted elegance: elevating the drinking experience with professional bartenders

What’s the difference between our bartenders and the average people slinging vodka sodas behind a bar at most corporate events? It comes down to one word: professionalism above all else.

When you use Rent a Bartender for your corporate event, you can rest assured that you’ll have a creatively curated cocktail menu that caters to the preference, tastes, and needs of your employees or staff.

Want to keep the event tame by  serving low-alcohol drinks? Sure! Interested in alcohol-free options that aren’t soda or water? Our bartenders can whip you up a mocktail.

You can also count on our creative mixer, and mingling is another. As your staff samples your signature cocktail and its vivid mix if fruitiness or mature, barrel-aged flavors, or perhaps even its eclecticism, they’ll begin to chat.

They’ll ask others who haven’t had the signature drink if they’ve tried it and, if so, what they think. Or perhaps they’ll begin a conversation about the drink selection.. Either way, they’re talking, and your curated choice of drinks can be the much-needed icebreaker. 

Networking with a twist: the social facet of bartending

Another way that our staff at Rent a Bartender can ensure your corporate event goes off without a hitch? Our trained and talented bartenders are ready to facilitate any social element your mixer needs.

They’re happy to break the ice by introducing creative elements such as themed drink stations or cocktail demonstrations. You can use the latter as a team- building exercise if you ask your employees to pair off and practice making drinks.

Elements like these are what set us apart at Rent a Bartender. We understand that if sometimes takes a bit of doing to set the mood for a corporate mixer. Our friendly bartenders are there for you, so you don’t have to stress about a thing.

Once your employees feel comfortable, watch them begin networking and rubbing elbows. 

Professional bonds will strengthen, friendships could be forged, and you’ll reap all the benefits you seek from your event.

brand reputation - how we work for you

As a business, everything you do is a reflection of your brand, including a private corporate mixer. You’ll want every facet of your event to stick within the parameters of your brand, from color scheme to tone.

Rent a Bartender is all about crafting your ideal event. You tell our bartenders how to dress, and they’ll do it (within reason, of course). We’ll dress to the nines for your black-tie affairs or wear more relaxed biz-cas if that’s your vibe.

A brand is more than a look, and we know that. That’s why we’ll carefully a drink selection list with your approval and guidance.  If you have rules about interactions our staff can have or want to keep the bartenders’ conversational topics on a certain course, just let us know. 

 We know what a great impact that professional bartending staff can have on your event and employees, and our staff will assimilate into your bartending for the night.

Responsible service: safety and comfort first

Serving alcohol at a corporate function is always a gamble, as you run the risk of someone getting a little too cozy at the bar and overdoing it. It’s a PR nightmare for you to try to stop an employee or fellow manager from drinking so much, but a liability to let them go.

Don’t worry about it. The professional bartenders at Rent a Bartender prioritize responsible alcohol service. In other words, we understand that although this is an informal business setting, it’s a business setting that requires the appropriate decorum. 

Our staff will monitor your attendees so you can focus on leading the group. If other employees feel uncomfortable with someone’s alcohol consumption or notice one of the guests is veering toward overconsumption, we know how to handle it.

We can gently and deftly discourage further drinking so everyone can save face, and your corporate mixer can be a smashing success.

elevating your corporate mixers

Cocktail bartenders and mixologists can take an ordinary corporate mixer and make it an extraordinary gathering your employees won’t soon forget.

The professionalism of the right staff and willingness to go the extra mile allows you to take a step back from planning your event and begin actively participating so your employees derive the most value.

Rent a Bartender is your choice for corporate mixers and other events in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer event staffing, professional mixologists, and cocktail bartenders. Our highly trained staff are professional and lauded for their services.

After you send an inquiry, we’ll chat with you about the size and nature of your event. Then we’ll recommend staff size. provide details like arrival times as your corporate mixer draws near, and show up, set up, and below the roof off the place.

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