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Professional mixologists in the greater Toronto area: have you wondered what this even means? You’re not alone. If you aren’t a regular in the bartending industry, there is a certain mystique around the term “mixologist.”

We published an article comparing bartenders and mixologists some time ago; we won’t re-hash all of the content, but in brief, here’s why a mixologist can help make your event memorable:

Generally, mixologists put more emphasis on the creation of a drink and its preparation. Mixologists are the only ones that design a cocktail menu, making sure the drinks are season appropriate and event appropriate. As such, we charge a higher rate for this service since the drinks served will be of a higher quality and require more time and resources to prepare.

What this means for you, is an event that will be a cut above the rest!

Whether its a birthday party, corporate event, holiday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or backyard get together, a professional mixologist can make your event special.

A mixologist in the greater toronto area

Professional Mixologists Starting at $500 for the night

The first question we naturally get is about pricing. Our trained mixologists start at $500, with a 6 hour minimum, $50 / hour after the first 6. Please note, the first 1.5 hours will be used for prep. This rate applies even if your event is less than 6 hours. Travel fees apply outside of the GTA. We advise a 40:1 ratio: 1 mixologists or server for every 40 guests you plan to have at your party.

Why the difference in price? We get that question a lot. The difference is in the quality of drinks and service: its the difference between getting a simple vodka / soda and getting a margarita. You’re paying for an experience your guests won’t forget.

Please note: we supply the staff, we do not supply any rental equipment, LCBO, a bar or glassware. Please check out this article on tips for gathering supplies for your party.

After we have a chance to review your event details, we will send over a quote that has final pricing. This is what you can expect from the booking process:

How it works?

Wondering How Much Liquor You Need To Prepare For Your Guests? Check Out Our Liquor Calculator!

Step 1: Contact us for a consultation

Asking for references can help cut down the time it takes to find a good bartender staffing company

Hiring a team of mixologists for an event is a bit more involved than hiring bartenders. Since the menu is going to be more complicated, we will need to set up a consultation with you 1-2 weeks prior to your event. We will discuss the theme of your event, specific preferences, and curate a tailored cocktail menu that aligns with the vision you have of your event.

Step 2: Menu Planning (1-2 weeks prior to the event)

Menu planning is a critical step when hiring a mixologist

After your consultation, we will go to work planning the agreed upon menu. From there we will provide you with a shopping list of LCBO you will need (we recommend doing the shopping 1-2 days prior to the event)

Step 3: Setup (3-4 hours prior to the event)

Your family reunion can be more enjoyable if you let the private bartender work his magic

On the day of the event, our mixologists will arrive early to set up the bar area, prepare any last-minute items, and make sure everything is in place for a seamless guest experience.

Step 4: Showtime

The experience of the mixologist can make or break the wedding experience for your guests.

After all the planning and preparation is done, our mixologists will work hard to make sure your event is as memorable as you hoped. Sit back, relax and be a guest at your own party!

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