halloween party tips for your next graveyard smash

By Rent A Bartender | Sep 20, 2023

Spooky season is upon us, which means the calendar is filling up fast with seasonal strolls, haunted hayrides, apple and pumpkin picking, oh, and maybe a Halloween party or two. This year, you want to throw the party to end all parties. What are some handy tips to elevate your event?

here are some haunting halloween party pointers:

  • Plan early
  • Finalize the guest list
  • Get a suitable space
  • Choose a theme
  • Send bewitching invitations
  • Create your menu
  • Decorate, decorate, decorate
  • Hire hosts and hostesses
  • Gather your materials
  • Plan some spooky fun

Putting together the Halloween party of the year doesn’t have to fall squarely on you. Rent a Bartender’s event planning services can hook you up with what you need, including bartenders, mixologists, and servers. 

no tricks here - 10 tips for planning a huge halloween party

1. Plan early

Halloween isn’t one of those holidays that really sneaks up on you. We’re all acutely aware of summertime ending, some of us with delight and eagerness to usher into the fall season, others of us with a bittersweet tinge of sadness.

You already know how people’s calendars can easily fill up with activities. October only has so many Fridays and Saturdays ( four or five, depending on how the calendar falls), and people will want to squeeze in as many activities as they can before they begin gearing up for the Christmas holidays in November and December. 

Halloween parties are popular, and everyone will want theirs to be the weekend before or right around the big day so they can still be around for trick-or-treating with the kiddos or handing out candy.

Stake your claim by planning your Halloween party early and getting those invites out in September before anyone has had a chance to consider seriously what they’re doing for Halloween yet.

Planning early also gives you ample time to determine your needs and research staff for your party.

Rent a Bartender trains and hires bartenders, mixologists, and servers for exclusive events around the Greater Toronto Area. We’re backed by a $200 million liquor policy.

We’re the ones to call to take your Halloween party from ordinary to extraordinary. Get in touch today to learn more about our services. 

2. Finalize the guest list

Now that you know you want to have a Halloween party, the next question is – who will you invite? The answer to that question will determine where you will host your event, so you must have a pretty good idea of what your headcount will be.

Consider that every guest you invite might not necessarily show up, but you should expect a reliable bunch of friends, family, and co-workers to come. 

3. Get a suitable space

The next consideration for your upcoming Halloween bash is where you will host it. This depends on how many people will attend and the kind of space you have available. 

You might wish to hold the party in your home or yard. If you have a large group showing up, moving the festivities to an event hall like a hotel banquet room is best. It’s all up to you and what you can afford. 

Rent a Bartender’s professional staff serves events of all nature, from corporate team-building events to birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and seasonal parties like your upcoming Halloween soiree. 

You can count on our cocktail bartenders and mixologists to integrate into your scene and work in whatever room you have. You provide the ingredients, and we’ll do the rest. It’s that simple!

4. choose a theme

Your party is manifesting more and more, but there is still much work to be done before the celebration. 

The next task on your to-do list is to establish a party theme. Sure, technically, the theme is Halloween, but you can go so much deeper than that.

For example, perhaps you focus on Halloween films. You can even be more specific than that, such as old black and white Halloween films, classic horror icons, or newer Halloween flicks. 

You can theme your event after a haunted house, clowns and the circus, vampires, or anything you like, as long as it’s scary. 

5. Send bewitching invitations

With the date, time, place, and guest list confirmed, there’s nothing left to do now but send out your invitations. 

While you could always text your friends and family or create an event on Facebook, those options are devoid of personalization. Why not draw up paper invitations? You can use tools like Canva to create pro-looking invitations for free.

You only need some good cardstock for printing. More people may answer in the affirmative just from seeing your awesome invitations!

6. create your menu

Now comes one of the most difficult but rewarding parts: determining what your drink menu will look like. 

This is where the expertise of Rent a Bartender comes in. When you send an inquiry for your upcoming Halloween bash, we’ll get back to you to go over your party plans. Tell us who’s coming, what kind of vibe you’re trying to create, and what flavours you love. Let us know your theme too! 

Our expert mixologists will create a custom drink list and menu for you to select from. You can collaborate with us and choose your favourite cocktails or drinks that are a hit among your friend group. 

We’ll select bewitching libations that meet your event theme, such as a tri-coloured cocktail for a haunted circus or old-timey flavours for a party centred on classic black-and-white Halloween flicks. 

Rent a Bartender’s mixologist will tweak the drink menu until it’s exactly what you want. When you approve of the list and our quote, we’ll contact you several weeks ahead of your party and send a proposal based on the menu, the number of guests, the amount of time you need us, and the location of your party. 

It’s that simple! On the day of, our bartenders will show up dressed for your event and with enough time to prepare drinks for the first guests’ arrival. 

Get an instant quote from Rent a Bartender today.

7. decorate, decorate, decorate

The party date is swiftly approaching, so it’s time to prepare everything. 

If holding the party at home, you should decorate in advance to have less stress on the event day. Depending on the policies, you might also decorate early if you rent a space.

Wait until at least the eve of your party before you begin decorating if your event is outdoors. You don’t want your decorations to get rained on, blown away, eaten by wild animals, or otherwise disappear.

Have fun with the decorating. Besides the party itself, this is one of the most exciting parts of party planning, so give yourself ample opportunity to enjoy it. 

Decorate according to your theme. Incorporate zany or unconventional decorations into your overall design that will act conversation pieces if possible.

8. hire hosts and hostesses

If you must hire hosts, hostesses, and event staff for your Halloween party, the sooner, the better, so you don’t feel rushed.

Why choose Rent a Bartender for your upcoming Halloween party? In short, we’re all about service.

Our event bartenders are screened and hand-picked for your event. We’ve been in business around the Greater Toronto Area for more than 15 years and have the experience, talent, and expertise to bring the party to you, whether you’re having a small backyard bash or an extensive function. 

Professional mixologists from Rent a Bartender do more than mix soda and vodka and call it a day. Our mixologists customize your drink menu, creating a unique blend of flavours and influences that reflect your preferences and tastes.

Our servers are the extra set of hands you need so you can be a guest at your own party. We’ll provide a team of servers commensurate with your guest list so your Halloween party goes off without a hitch.

Contact Rent a Bartender to explore our services and hire for your Halloween party.

9. Gather your materials

As you get closer and closer to the Halloween party, it’s time to pick up the supplies you need for a scary good time. We’re talking about food, glasses, utensils, cups, plates, bowls, napkins, and the works.

You provide the alcohol based on your curated cocktail menu with our Rent a Bartender mixologists.

Are you unsure about how much liquor you need for your upcoming bash?

Check out our liquor calculator. Input the number of guests on your list, how much they drink (light, average, or heavy), how long your event will be, the type of bartender (corporate, standard, or mixologist), and whether you’re serving mixers, beer, wine, or liquor.

The liquor calculator will recommend precise quantities so you don’t buy too much and waste your money. You also won’t have to stress about purchasing too little and not having enough booze to serve your guests. 

That would really make Halloween frightful!

10. Plan some spooky fun

The last facet of planning your Halloween bash is the activities. You must give your guests something to do besides eating and drinking. Perhaps you have some contests, bob for apples, carve pumpkins, dance or watch movies. It’s your party, so plan what you want to do!

You can rely on the event staff from Rent a Bartender to spice up your party. We can offer drink demonstrations, games, and other personalized entertainment to make your Halloween bash the talk of the town well into November.

plan your halloween bash with rent a bartender

Rent a Bartender has the service you need for your next party to blow the roof off the joint. We do more than carefully screen our bartenders, mixologist and servers. We train them ourselves.

We’re bartenders first and foremost, and we our breadth of knowledge to teach beginners and intermediates. They gain hands-on experience through our intensive course. Then we hire them. 

This process of building our staff from the ground up sets us apart and ensures professionalism, quality, and fun in all we do. 

Let’s get planning for your Halloween party. Contact Rent a Bartender today.

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