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cocktail in 2023

By Rent A Bartender | December 19, 2022

With any luck, you’re going to be in close proximity to an awesome cocktail bar on New Year’s Eve. Or better yet, you’ve found an awesome event staffing company to host your own party (hint: we would love to help with this!) When you’re looking for inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps the perfect place to look is to your favorite cocktails. Cocktails are full of wit and wisdom — the kind you should live by! Here’s how you can get your game in gear for 2023 with the help of some of your smoothest pals!

not too sweet, not too sour

Keeping the right temperament is the key to a successful year. Go too surly and you won’t make any friends, but pile on too much sugar and you’ll melt when the heat and the pressure turn up in your life. Calibrate perfectly, and you’ll end up snugly in the middle. Maybe you can follow the lead of the Moscow Mule, with its tangy ginger and lime notes that balance out its sweetness. Don’t forget to add some salt to the rim of the margarita that is your 2023!

make it a double!

Some of the best cocktails in the world live by the philosophy that one shot just isn’t enough. If you’re in for a penny, you might as well go in for a pound. The classic hurricane has white AND dark rum to keep things fresh and exciting (shout out to diversity, too!) The point is, when you find something you’re passionate about, commit to it all the way — no half measures!

keep it unpredictable

Do you like to follow the crowd, or do you march to the beat of your own drum? Some bartenders like to follow the recipe all the time, while others prefer to ditch the measuring cups for something a little more improvisational. We’re all for trusting your instincts and going for some behind-the-bar innovation!

Experimenting with unconventional ideas and flavors is how the world gains its color. Who would have thought that the jalapeno vodka or espresso martinis made sense of paper? It wasn’t until someone took the risk, combined them, and tried them that some of today’s most popular drinks were discovered. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for new discoveries in 2023!

get out of your comfort zone!

Sometimes it’s very easy to repeat the same activities daily: we visit the same people and even tell the same stories with the same words when we communicate with others. That’s our little secret comfort zone, the safe place where we feel like ourselves without pushing or worrying too much. But what would we learn about ourselves if we ventured outside of that safe place? The only way to know for sure is to go there.

Don’t be afraid to break that bubble. You know what they say: a new year is a new life!

New Year’s 2023 could be your perfect opportunity to push your boundaries and your limits, try new things, make new friends, talk to new people, and even try new cocktails. Heck, why wait for the New Year when you can start today?


Making a cocktail is not as easy as it seems. Every cocktail has the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol content. Some drinks can take you to places you’ve never been, while others can warm you up inside and out. That’s the unique and magic freedom a bartender enjoys when it comes to creating a new cocktail. Just as bartenders can create new cocktails with unique purposes and attributes, you can create a new you during the New Year! Side note, if you have, or plan to have your own home bar, check out our article on how to keep it well stocked!

Have you thought about how you’d like to experiment with yourself? What would you like to do in the next year to better yourself? Maybe you want to start hitting the gym and working on your fitness, or maybe you want to be a friendlier, more social person. Anything is possible with all the different flavors you have at your disposal behind your own personal bar! If you feel like your life is just a plain shot of vodka, maybe you could take a little risk by adding some vanilla, or go truly adventurous by adding a shot of amaretto into the mix!

start with your favorite, and go from there

As great as it is to experiment and innovate with our cocktails and with ourselves, we simultaneously need to remember to stay true to ourselves and what we love. If we love pina coladas, that doesn’t mean we need to start drinking dark beers just to be different. Sometimes it great to stick with what we know and love, but also think about the many different ways we could make that drink better. Balance is key: a mixture of old and new will serve us all well in 2023! Staying grounded in what you love while also branching out to new challenges and experience is the perfect cocktail recipe for a fun, successful and unforgettable year!

Happy New Year! Stay tuned to to drink up more cocktail-inspired wisdom!

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