the anatomy of a craft

By Rent A Bartender | December 3, 2022

Craft cocktails have taken the cocktail drinking world by storm. It’s a hot phrase, but the meaning can sometimes be unclear, as bars often use it as a specific term. With craft cocktails, all the ingredients are handmade and tailored explicitly to the drink. The expected result is a cocktail to remember, made with much more care and creativity. The anatomy of a craft cocktail is simple enough:

handmade, high-quality ingredients

When it comes to craft cocktail making, using fresh house-made ingredients is a must. Meaning, these cocktails take time and are made with great love and care. So, the process is more time-consuming, but the result is more rewarding and satisfying for the customer. Fresh squeezed juices, syrups, bitters and shrubs have to be made in-house, and the bartender needs to have all the necessary ingredients on hand to be able to speed up the drink-making process.

exceptional craftsamnship

More often than not, preparing a craft cocktail is like developing a complicated gourmet meal. It can’t be done without considerable attention to detail, a dose of perfectionism and immense love for quality drinks. And that doesn’t only go for preparing a drink for a customer, but also for inventing new recipes and experimenting with flavors. That’s where mixologists can truly shine. More on this on our page on mixologists. Most of the time, customers cannot even know how much time and effort went into perfecting the recipe for the cocktail that they’re ordering. With this in mind, if you plan to have an event with a focus on craft cocktails, be aware that additional prep time will be needed to make sure crucial ingredients are well stocked. Otherwise, guests are likely to become irritated waiting on their drinks.

a large dose of creativity

A craft cocktail isn’t just about the flavor — presentation is quite essential as well. Often served in custom glassware and poured over custom ice cubes, a craft cocktail is a treat for the eyes as well. Garnishes and vintage glassware can only improve the visual effect, and turn a craft cocktail into an artful masterpiece. Combined with an amazing and unusual flavor, it’s no wonder why craft cocktails have gotten so popular.

the right tools

No cocktail can be made well without the right tools, and the same goes for craft cocktails. Since craft cocktails go hand in hand with going above and beyond to create unique blends with house-made ingredients, they might require more tools to make than just a simple shaker and strainer. The bar staff needs to handle all those preparation processes which may well include chopping, blending, mixing, straining, storing, etc.

the result

All of this effort results in some symphonic combinations, flavors, and appearance that appease all senses and justify the (often) higher price of a craft cocktail. With different herb-flavored spirit infusions, house-made syrups, amazing bitters and creative mixologists, craft cocktails are genuinely a form of art when they’re done right. Owing to the complexity, they might take a longer time to make than a regular cocktail, but the result is well worth it.

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