Hosting a Killer Halloween Party

By Rent A Bartender | 4/19/2023

As the October rust paints the fall leaves and the night quickens its pace, the search for some wild Halloween cocktails begin. It’s time to put on a costume and head out for a traditional and scary Halloween party.

Halloween parties are fun for nearly everyone; costumes, role playing, tricks and treats. Yet they come with challenges to ensure the vibe flows smoothly. So whether you’re concerned with keeping your parties safe or just want to make sure everything goes off smoothly, here are a few key tips to keep in mind this fall season.

Hire a Professional Bartender

One of the keys to hosting a killer halloween party is keeping the vibe going

Everyone has that friend or colleague who insists they’re great at making mix drinks, and they very well may be, but bringing in a professional is nearly always the better choice. There’s a reason why companies that rent out bartending supplies also offer their own bartending services. Because by the time you’ve already rented the appropriate glassware and purchased the drink supplies, you may as well get your money’s worth out of them and have them professionally served.

Having a dedicated professional run the bar at your event adds an expensive feel even if you didn’t have to break the bank to hire them. Especially for corporate or office partiesrenting a bartender will make the evening feel all that much more professional, and it will minimize the number of services issues you might otherwise run into with a non-professional server. And besides, everyone at your party wants to spend their time mingling and having fun; no one wants to go to a party to do more work.

hire additional help

Making a halloween party successful can hinge on hiring additional help

Caterers and servers are a great addition to making your party run smoothly! Hiring professionals allows you to be a guest at your own party while it lowers your liability and takes a large chunk of the responsibilities off your mind.

Please Don't Stop The Music

A killer halloween party is dead without the music

You took the effort to do it right and hire a professional bartender to set the vibe. Don’t forget the right music also sets and keeps the vibe. Music can make or break a party. Pick a music style that is appropriate for your venue and at the appropriate volume. Same goes for live music.

Keep the Good Times Flowing but Drink Responsibly

Make sure your halloween party is equipped with plenty of designated drivers

Hosting a slick looking Halloween party is a far cry from the days of lighting firecrackers at the football field with beer drinking buddies.   There’s that judgment limit where the good times slow down and overdrinking takes over. A professional bartender will know how to spot the signs before guests go overboard. Safety first. With a new world of online local travel, taxi and designated driver option it doesn’t take much to promote  setup ways to get guests home safely. 

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