Party Supplies for a Successful Event: An Essential Guide to Party Supplies for the Perfect Gathering

By Rent A Bartender | May 3, 2023

Most people attend a party to let loose, but not you. You’re here to work and earn some tips. In all the festive atmosphere, it’s sometimes easy to forget the supplies you need or bring the correct quantity. What’s the full rundown of what’s required to throw a successful party?

You’ll need these supplies to work at a party:

  • Bins and coolers
  • Ice buckets
  • Straws and napkins
  • Garnishes
  • Glassware
  • Product

This guide will present more info on all of the above supplies with tips and bonuses so you’ll be perfectly prepared to entertain at your next fete!

Ice buckets are one of the most important supplies for a party

Bins / Coolers, Ice Buckets, and Gondolas

No one likes sipping a warm spirit unless it’s supposed to be served that way. You’re in charge of keeping your drink ingredients ice cold. To that end, you’ll need bins and coolers, and an ice

Well, let me rephrase that. An ice “bucket” will suffice because it doesn’t have to be a true bucket. If you have to makeshift something in a pinch, it will work if it can hold ice and water.

You don’t even need a cooler, per se, and it doesn’t need a lid or have to close, although that will help the ice stay solid for longer.
If you’re entertaining 25 people, I recommend one large tub. Double that for 50 people and triple it for 75, etc.

You’ll also want an ice well. This can be anything that holds a six-pound bag of ice. Put a dish or roasting pan underneath to deal with leaks, as they will happen as the night wears on and the ice begins to melt unless you can keep your ice well in a very cold environment all night.

Cool Tip: Always add your product to the cooler or ice well first. Once you’ve added the beers,
wine, and whatnot, you can fill the cooler with ice.

Bonus Tip #1: Putting cold water underneath the cooler will chill the drinks faster, maintain some coolness (at least for a while until the water goes lukewarm), and could help you save ice.

Bonus Tip #2: Using freezing packs to chill the water down is a great way to save ice, as running out of it midway through the party will be a showstopper. Remember – no one likes
warm drinks unless they’re supposed to be that way!
You can easily make your own ice packs by filling 21 pop bottles with water and freezing them the night before.

Straws and napkins are another essential party supply

Straws and Napkins

Paper or plastic? That is the question.

While we love the “baby whales” as much as the next guy, having a straw that lasts half as long as your drink isn’t so nice, but I digress.

Apart from that, paper cocktail napkins add a nice touch and flair to the party. Don’t forget the paper towels or reusable bar rags so you can keep things sexy in between serving drinks.

Customers don’t want to see an unkempt bar, even if the bar is in someone’s backyard or office instead of a restaurant. That could impact your tip!


You probably know two dozen ways to garnish a drink. You’re not working on your home turf though, so I recommend keeping the garnishes simple, transportable, and plentiful.

Skip the fresh fruit. You’ll need valuable cooler space to keep the fruit on ice so it doesn’t turn brown and unappealing. That means you can serve fewer drinks since the fruit is hogging the

If you love garnishing with fruit, dehydrated fruits will hold up a lot better at a party.

You can’t go wrong with fresh herbs. Make sure you have an adequate supply so you don’t run out midway through the night.

Glassware is critical to a party. Can't serve drinks without it!


Whether you’re doing a rental or making a stop at the Dollar Store, you will want to know what type of glassware you should be getting, and more importantly, why.

A rocks glass or “lowball” is your quintessential cocktail glass and works perfectly when serving something on the rocks with ice.

I like an old-fashioned, as it does the job pretty well for a rum and coke or any other “rail” drink.

Wine Glasses are a staple of any party where wine is served

Wine Glasses

There’s no need to worry about having wine glasses for red or white wine unless you’re trying extra hard to make a good impression. In that case, you should consider event-sized glasses, which are smaller than your average wine glass.

The size of these glasses will help you cut down on wastage from unfinished drinks.

High ball, or Collins glasses are a staple at parties where cocktails are served

High-Balls or Collins Glasses

These are only necessary if you’re serving “bubbly” like prosecco or Cava. While there is a science behind the shape of the glass, it’s the presentation that matters here, and champagne flutes make great welcome drinks to get any party started.

There are also some solid cocktail options out there that are prosecco-based, like the French 75. (That’s not an upsell, but we do offer mixologists for events as well!)

Selecting liquor varieties is essential to planning a successful party


You essentially have five base spirits to choose from: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey.

Sure, there are others, but those are the must-haves if you want your party to go off without a hitch.

If you must have a sixth, may I recommend brandy?
Out of the five–okay, six–rum and tequila are optional. Rum is fairly seasonal and known for
being the spirit of summer.

If it’s not summertime or summer isn’t on the horizon, you can skip
the rum, and no one will miss it that much.

As for tequila, it’s not that kind of party, but if it is, I’d recommend a Reposado tequila made from 100 percent de aqua.

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